Booty Camp with Phoenix
Booty Camp with Phoenix
$15.00 / 7 days

Want a Booty like Phoenix?? We all do! Join her as she shows you some of her favourite booty exercises that will leave your glutes and legs burning but looking HOTT!

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Booty Camp with Phoenix

Want a Booty like Phoenix?? We all do! Join her as she shows you some of her favourite booty exercises that will leave your glutes and legs burning but looking HOTT!

Aerials Conditioning with Jess

Get ready for our return with Jess' Aerial conditioning! You will need a bed sheet.

Flex Evolution with Gem

Start your flex journey here! Join Gem as she takes you through some pre-stretches and basic stretches to help improve your alignment, mobility, strength & flexibility. Flexibility and Mobility are so important for injury prevention, correcting your imbalances and alignment issues and it is also a great stress and tension reliever. It would be ideal to try and attempt this routine 2-5 times a week and take progress shots along the way to help keep you motivated and on track. Stay true to yourself, don't try and cheat the stretch and you will see the results unfold. **You will need a chair, yoga mat and two yoga blocks**

Rental - 7 days $15

Unlimited views - $30

Exotic conditioning with Gem

Grab your biggest pair of heels, some knee pads and let's workout Exotic style! Join Gem for Leg waves, body rolls, rolling on the floor exploring the correct techniques of your favourite Floor Tricks all whilst toning your legs, arms and core!

Floorwork and Basework Technique with Cat
An hour of technique based around Wavy Legs, Vagina Monsters, Grasshoppers, Pinwheels and Backward rolls.
Flex For The Unflexy with Phoenix

Always wanted to be flexible but never made it all the way to the splits? Don't worry there is still hope! In fact there is almost no reason why we all can't achieve a full split!

In this class you will do a variety of stretches for both front splits and middle splits.

Phoenix will take you through a combination of active and passive stretch techniques to help you safely unlock a deeper range in your splits.

Let's go on this journey to "the split" together!

You will need:

  • a yoga strap or towel
  • yoga blocks and/or pillow
Pole Mash Up with Jess

Join Jess for some Intermediate pole combos. Get your pole fix at home.

Sexy Pole Flow with Gem
Explore the art of sensual Pole Flow. Gem will guide you through a routine giving you tips on how to make your movements more liquid like and oozy!!!
Flex Flow with Jess

During this class you’ll be stretching the whole body moving through your full range of motion. Perfect for if you’ve been hunched over a desk all day working from home or picking up little kids and need to reenergise your body.

Strength & Conditioning with GEM (POLE OR CHAIR)

Just because we can't visit our beloved studio doesn't mean you can't stay conditioned, fit and strong! Gem has tailored her signature strength & conditioning class to suit everyone! If you don't have a pole at home or your an Aerials student then your in luck! Every exercise has a CHAIR variation so all you need is a chair, it's that simple! Stay motivated, fit and safe at home!

Middle Splits with Jess

Work on your middle splits while in Isolation with Jess!

Chair Chorey #2 with Jess

There's no reason you can't still feel sexy and sassy whilst in isolation. Join Jess for a Lap & Chair routine in the comfort of your own home.

Back and Shoulder Stretch with Morgan

Back and shoulder stretch... are you wanting to get your foot to touch your head or the ideal bridge shape then join me for back and shoulder stretch to improve your mobility.

Foam Rolling and self massage

In this video Phoenix will take you through foam rolling and other self myofascial release techniques to help relieve sore and tight muscles.

Not only will these self massage techniques make you feel amazing but by breaking up scar tissues and adhesions in your muscles and fascia, you should also see an increase in flexibility and range of motion.

You will need the following:

  • foam roller
  • spikey massage ball
  • 2 other firm balls (tennis ball or foam ball)
  • sock
  • towel
Heels Floor Fusion with Gem

Join Gem for a sexy, slinky and slow Heels Fusion routine. Dance it for your partner as a nice surprise or dance for yourself to feel good, either way you’ll have a blast!

*Heels optional but knee pads recommended *

Song - Love is a Bitch - Two Weeks

Pole Conditioning with Phoenix
Join Phoenix for a full body pole conditioning workout. She will take you through a variety of exercises that you can incorporate into your pole training to help build and maintain strength so that you can continue smashing your pole goals!
30 min Fast Abs with Jess

Join Jess better known as the smiling assassin, for a 30min Fast Abs session.

All things Balancing with Morgan

In this class Morgan will go through basic handstand techniques and progressions to handstands that can be done on your own as well as balancing on your feet, hands and head.

Stretch with Gem - Hip Openers
Lacking mobility in your hips or lower back? Working from home now? Or just need to work on your flexibility and movement through your hip flexors to achieve those Splits? Join Gem for an hour stretch session focusing on the Glutes and Hip Flexors. ** You will need a Towel &/or Yoga blocks, Water and a mat (optional) **
Pole Mash Up - Int

Join Gem for some Intermediate pole combos. Get your pole fix at home.

Fit Kids

Need something to occupy your little ones while everything is in lockdown or wanting to give them a little a break from home schooling ?? Enjoy a little one-on-one time with them and get them moving with some fun acro tricks that Gem and Chase like to do at home.

Pole Flow with Gem


Let's dance, Dance like no-one is watching. Let Gem guide you through some lyrical Pole Flow, adapt your own style along the way and forget for an hour or two everything that is going on.

Front Splits with Jess

Just because the studio is shut doesn't mean you can't use this time wisely..... Join Jess as she takes you through one of her Front Split stretch sessions.

Turn n Burn with Gem

Join Gem for a Turn n Burn class. Starting with some Barre work, followed by some turns and jumps, an AB workout and then some leg toning.

Burn those calories and tone everything from your fingers to toes whilst dancing to some funky tunes. This class will not only compliment your figure but also help with endurance and lines for your pole work. Think Jane Fonder cross Power Barre plus a whole lot of fun!!!!